Rapid Action Packaging

Rapid Action Packaging

RAP is a market leader in the design and production of sustainable food-to-go packaging, and we focus on improving environmental responsibility throughout the supply chain.

We offer unrivalled expertise in helping customers reduce waste and increase recyclability by moving to inspiring, sustainable paper and cartonboard/film laminate packaging.

By weight the largest components of our packaging are cartonboard and paper. The fibre used in paperboard is a certified, renewable resource, from well-managed forests.

Our use of film laminates allows our customers to reduce the amount of petroleum-based plastics in their supply chains, while giving the preservative properties that the public expects in modern food packaging.

All our inks and adhesives are low migration food grade UV flexo, which, once cured, is inert and does not interact or detract from the environmental properties of our products.

A truly global organisation, we are headquartered in London with our design and technical centre. We also have manufacturing capabilities in Ireland, South Korea and Malaysia and the ability to distribute on a global basis.

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