Throughout 3M, our people, products and more than 40 technology platforms are hard at work to improve the lives of individuals and society. Our commitment to capturing the needs of customers and communities constitutes the essence of our creativity and enables us to translate these needs into more than 50,000 innovative solutions touching virtually every aspect of modern life. The world of 3M is truly borderless.

Our Consumer and Office division saves time and increases productivity for consumers and office workers around the world with innovative products that keep homes cleaner, buildings well-maintained and office work more efficient.

We bring clarity to people’s lives with display enhancement films, reflective materials, eye-catching graphics and more, thanks to the expertise of our Display and Graphics division.

Long-term reliable sources of electrical power, high-performance electronic devices, and speedy and dependable telecommunications networks bring people together from all over the globe using innovations from the Electro and Communication division.

Doctors, nurses, and dentists deliver more affordable patient care thanks to the achievements of our Health Care division. We successfully compete in multiple market segments, including medical and surgical products, dental and orthodontic products, health information systems, and personal care products.

Getting goods to the market becomes a lot easier when you have the experience of a global leader in tapes, abrasives, adhesives, specialty chemicals, filtration systems and software for supply chain management. Our Industrial and Transportation division also serves the transportation market with products for the manufacture, repair and maintenance of automobiles, aircraft, boats and other vehicles.

For everything precious in this world, our Safety, Security and Protection Services division gives people peace of mind about what matters most: the people, property and processes that we need everyday. Our main product lines here include personal protective equipment, systems to prevent counterfeiting of documents and goods, reflective materials for personal safety, window films for antiblast security, energy savings and cleaning, as well as maintenance and fire protection products for buildings.

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