GTS was founded in 1990. Just from the beginning out of smallest circumstances, GTS starts developing and manufacturing the first banknotes counting machines. The worldwide unique counting technology, GTS rotating disc has been established from the beginning. Constantly pursuing perfection and innovation GTS has elevated the quality of counting machines to a new high. Today it is even possible to count in both directions, from top to bottom and from bottom to top, reaching unbeaten counting accuracy.

From the start GTS not only built up the manufacturing of counting machines also the banderole printing was integrated and developped to the actual highest quality. GTS is today an worlwide essential supplier for High Security Paper banderoles.

On the basis of an extremely high production depth of over 80% and almost not using third parts GTbecomes a global system supplier. Designing, developing and producing customized finishing lines GTS starts also manufacturing own banding machines.

Due to this wide production range GTS can challenge todays´alternating market requirements.

Increasing worlwide demand and constantly innovating GTS expands. Today GTS owns at his Headquarter in Heilbronn - Germany 3000 sqm of production plant. 40 high qualified employees  are manufacturing the entire product range. 

GTS is much asked for apprenticeship as well technical as commercial professions. All apprentices get till today a job at GTS. By that GTS assures high qualificated employees and promoted youngs.        

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