At Ecobliss we understand that packaging is essential in capturing that “first moment of truth”. It only takes seconds for a consumer to notice a product on the store shelf. That moment presents an incredible marketing and selling opportunity. Nearly 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made at the shelf. Nearly half of all packaged goods are sold without any additional marketing support.

Blister and high visibility packaging have proven to be the ideal, self selling packaging for producers and retailers and are still gaining over box packaging. Customers are attracted by a clear and clean presentation of the packed product. The blister bubble shows the actual product and protects it from damaging and tampering. Combined with product information printed on the blister card blister packaging is the perfect, self selling combination!

Ecobliss started its blister packaging activities in 1996 with a strong focus on environment, innovation, design and turn key packaging solutions. From day one onwards, Ecobliss succeeded in growing its business in many countries throughout the world, serving many small and large enterprises.

Ecobliss started with its innovative cold seal blister packaging technology and gradually the company successfully expanded the product range of different blister types and other high visibility packaging, as well as all the according automated equipment.

Today Ecobliss has become a key supplier to many industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, food, electronics but also for direct sales to many retailers for all types blisters, blister cards and blister machines.

Adding new blister products, blister machines and packaging innovations is a continuous process for Ecobliss. Therefore this website is frequently updated.

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