Tulip Food Company

Tulip Food Company

As one of Denmark’s strongest food manufacturers, Tulip is at the cutting edge in terms of development and the sale of tasty food within a wide range of product groups. Tulip has the best products and the strongest brands, for retail, food service or fast food.

Tulip is a subsidiary of the Danish Crown Group with a strong independent profile and with our 2,300 employees all over the world we are always where the action is.

Tulip has 10 highly specialised factories in three different countries. At every one of them you will meet dedicated employees who work hard to make the world’s most tasty products while observing the strictest food safety requirements.

Tulip Food Company is a company that takes responsibility – for our products, for our customers, for our environment and for our employees – both those employed by Tulip and by Tulip’s suppliers.Faced with these responsibilities, Tulip focuses on health, environmental and social issues.

Tulip knows our consumers care about the health of their families and is therefore always mindful of the amount of fat and salt in our products. In every new product fat and salt content is a key consideration.

Tulip has significantly reduced the salt content in a large number of our products over the years. However that reduction has been gradual because salt is an important ingredient in ensuring the quality and shelf life of our products.

As a major manufacturing company, Tulip is aware of its environmental footprint. Tulip is continuously striving to reduce its CO2 emissions and consumption of other resources such as water and electricity. Tulip has introduced a number of improvements in its factories, which have reduced consumption considerably.

Tulip has also changed its waste management procedures. Today meat waste from our factories is converted into bio-fuel, which contributes eco-friendly energy for Danish households.

To ensure a happy workplace Tulip regularly conducts employee satisfaction surveys. Tulip recognises that both physical and psychological aspects need to be addressed to improve working conditions. It is not just the immediate members of the Tulip family that benefit. The company also requests that our distributors sign a Code of Conduct, which contains standards concerning, for example, environmental responsibilities and working conditions.

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