Founded in 2010, Exim Agritechis a professionally managed company comprising of higly skilled and seasoned professionals. Agritech is a leading specialist supplier of many innovative products, manfuctured by reputed international brands, in India. We deals in Agriculutre Products ( Irrigation Equipments, Sizer etc. ), Poultry Products, Dairy Products( Milk Processing Equipments, Milk Cooling Equipments etc.), Bakery Products etc. In Horticulture we deals in netting system for fruits.

Our approach to business recognises that successful relationships with our clients is based on trust which is the basis for ongoing business. Hence, the most important part of our business is - each individual client.

Exim Agritech is a company whose operations and activites are rooted in strong principles and high standards of conduct. We are committed to providing each employee with equal opportunity and competitive compensation in a safe working environment.

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