Enriching the future for people, industries and the globe by innovative automation

 The manufacturing industry is at a historical turning point, and the role of automation, a driver of progress in the industry, is also undergoing dramatic change. Manufacturing today has to do more than just pursue material abundance and industry growth: it must also be sustainable. It has to be able to build a sense of purpose and increase work satisfaction among factory workers, and help preserve the Earth's environment.

Automation that drives industrial development to generate technological innovation.
Automation that allows people to unleash their full potential and feel fulfilled in their work.
Sustainable automation that co-exists with the global environment.
Delivering this kind of automation requires a deep understanding of society, the manufacturing industry, the production site, and the people working there.

We at OMRON strive to create new means of automation by marshaling our years of experience confronting difficult challenges on the manufacturing site and applying the problem-solving capabilities we have developed along the way. Through these efforts, we will contribute to create a future society that allows both people and our planet to continue to flourish, while enabling the sustainable industrial progress foundational to prosperous living

Conventional Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturing aims at achieving operational effectiveness. This is usually done through leveraging quality, cost, and delivery (QCD) and focussing on mass production. However, the key to manufacturing success nowadays is agile production. 

Manufacturers are increasingly producing a high mix of products with the same resources. People, technology, and equipment harmoniously combined to produce the best quality products and packages. No matter if it concerns runs of dozens or thousands.

New technologies are available to evolve your business and deal with urgent and fluctuating market demands. We partner up with clients to continuously assist them in optimizing their FMCG production. We do not only provide expertise and solutions; we share your business philosophy & goals for swift and flexible production.

From the incoming raw goods up to the palletising, OMRON is able to provide you solutions to easily integrate new technologies into your business model. Let our solutions inspire you. Start your journey to autonomous & collaborative manufacturing and fully reap the benefits for your organisation!

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