Axess Technologies Ltd.

Axess Technologies Ltd.

Axess Technologies Ltd is a leading independent strategic and technical consultancy specialising in New Product Commercialisation, Market Identification, Brand and Supply Chain Protection and Document Security.

The business was established in 1999; at that time it focused on brand protection and document security. Although these areas still constitute an important aspect of our services we have diversified into offering new product market evaluations and intellectual property assessments. In addition to brand security we offer consultancy services in markets as diverse as packaging, printing, air purification, ceramics and agricultural expertise. Clients include Government Agencies and suppliers in the fields of product innovation, brand protection, security documents and personal identification. Our client base is global with current projects operating in Europe, USA and the Far East.

Axess Technologies Ltd has developed a diverse set of expertise. We have a unique understanding of Consumer market requirements and brand integrity issues. This, combined with our in depth knowledge of security technologies and the capability of criminals, allows us to create business strategies and implement security solutions that are both appropriate and cost effective. Examples of our expertise:

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (via PSL in New Mexico) contracted our specialist services in 2003 to facilitate workshops dealing with risks and industry issues. Since then we have undertaken technology training, a technology database and provided independent advice to over 140 participants. This project initiated the formation of the Product Surety Center making ATL one of its founding members.

A Government funded consortium was lead by Axess Technologies that developed a novel form of smart electronic packaging using state of the art manufacturing techniques.

A major brand owner wished to improve the supply chain integrity of its consumables and at the same time improve the interaction and relationship between itself and its Customers.

A consortium developing a novel method of removing toxic contaminants from ambient air needed to evaluate the potential market and how the new technology would compare against existing competitive systems.

Axess Technologies Ltd has a large network of associates, including expertise in forensic analysis, specialist lawyers, investigators, former brand owners and experts in risk assessment and crisis management.

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