Valspar Rock a Sherwin Williams Company

Valspar Rock a Sherwin Williams Company

Sherwin-Williams Packaging Coatings

As a leading manufacturer of packaging coatings for metal containers, Sherwin-Williams brings a strong history of innovation to the packaging industry. We continue to work on new products through our Safety by Design product development protocol, bringing innovative and sustainable products to the market to meet customer needs. You can count on us to continue providing the coatings that protect what's inside these containers, making products last longer and brands stay stronger. But most importantly, we’re safeguarding a more convenient, better way of life.

valPure non-BPA Solutions
Coatings for beverage, food, and household product containers for canmakers and coilcoaters looking for a non-BPA solution.

At Valspar, our goal is to develop, protect and advance the packaging design and heritage of many of the world’s best-known brands. To achieve this, we invest millions of dollars in the areas that are most important to brand owners and manufacturers. We also offer complete capabilities that go beyond protecting products — to improving performance, profitability and efficiency.

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