Paper, Film & Foil Converter PFFC

Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER (PFFC) covers every part of the converting and package printing industry!

PFFC is an all-electronic, on-demand, 24/7 resource in which recognized experts and experienced staff assist converters around the world to become more efficient and profitable in their manufacturing and business practices. Subscribers to our E-Clips e-newsletter receive weekly updates covering newsworthy information on technology, products and services, and marketing and management trends.

Since 1927, PFFC has provided an unbiased perspective on the business trends and technical innovations shaping the converting industry. In 2011, PFFC became a property of Chicago-based YTC Media Inc., which is led by President/Editorial Director Yolanda Simonsis, who has been at the helm of PFFC since 1995.

With a global perspective and commitment to editorial quality, no other resource covers the converting and package printing market with the same expertise and analysis as PFFC. Collectively, our editorial staff has served this industry for more than 180 years!

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