ScentSational Technologies, LLC

ScentSational Technologies, LLC

Increasing Sales By Enhancing The Consumer's Experience with CompelAroma®

ScentSational Technologies is the world’s leader in developing, patenting and licensing brand enhancing Scented Packaging technologies for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and other consumer products companies. ScentSational Technologies adds another dimension to your marketing with CompelAroma®Brand Building. Nothing rivals the sense of smell for making an immediate impression about a product's quality, freshness, flavor or fragrance. That's because:

Of the five senses, smell is the only one that has a direct pathway to the brain.Smell is our only sense that's initially processed in the limbic lobe - the brain's emotional center.The brain stores information about aroma in the same part of the brain where memory is stored and where emotions and impulses are processed. This is why aromas are so powerful in triggering memories and driving purchase behavior.Aromas are a powerful marketing tool because they make a beeline to consumers' emotions and can be key factors in product perception and in triggering nostalgic memories which ultimately lead to making purchasing decisions.

ScentSational's CompelAroma® Brand Building technologies enables you to convey your product's aroma from the shelf, during handling, and during use, which helps create product awareness and drive purchase intent. CompelAroma® helps your products smell better, communicate better, and even taste better... which ultimately means they will sell better.

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