Cisper Electronics BV

Cisper Electronics BV

Cisper Electronics: The RFID Competence Center

Cisper Electronics is the Authorized Value Added Distributor for Top Players in the Global RFID market. We represent: Impinj, Nordic-ID, Times-7, Confidex, ATID, UPM, Toshiba-Tec, Tracetech-ID, Invengo, Xerafy, Feig, RF-Camp and CSL.

Key Competences:

  • High performance RFID products from stock
  • Extensive in house RFID experience
  • Real RFID Project experience
  • 25 years Logistics Services


  • Sales support and advise
  • Project feasibility support
  • Technical support
  • Extended warranty
  • Service Contracts
  • Project/Application pre-testing

Cisper is specialized in providing high-quality/performance UHF RFID Hardware and Tags to the European RFID market. Besides Hardware our company provides professional consulting services to businesses in the RFID industry. Cisper Electronics offers your RFID products and services enabling you to provide realistic RFID Solutions to your clients.

Cispers’ team has extensive experience with RFID gained while working for and with leading Global companies in the Industry like Impinj, Omron and Hitachi.

RFID with added value to unburden our customers is our motto.

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