Advanced Track & Trace

Advanced Track & Trace

Founded in 2003 in Rueil-Malmaison near Paris, France, Advanced Track & Trace® has rapidly expanded to become a key player in product and brand protection, through a network of six offices worldwide located near production and distribution sites. 

ATT is a provider of security and trust.

Driven market leader in Brand protection and security and data protection, for more than 15 years ATT has provided solutions and services for secure identification, traceability and authentication to its customers: governments, large global groups, security printers, SMEs, international institutions, etc. World leader in PUF (Physical Unclonable Functions) and Security by Design technology deployments, we focus on providing high value anti-counterfeiting and secure traceability solutions to high growth markets.

Brand Protection
Illicit businesses and unauthorized practices pose risks and threats to businesses and brands, governments and consumers.
For more than 15 years, Advanced Track & Trace® has been providing brands, manufacturers and governments with solutions to control and drastically reduce risks and improve control of the supply chain: product and products components authentication, secure Track & Trace, integrity, anti-counterfeiting, advanced detection of fraud and uncontrolled practices (reuse, refilling, over-production, substitutions, manipulations …).
ATT is the security partner of the biggest brands and world leaders in their sector, serving them with a combination of experience, expertise and highest level of confidentiality.

Product Digitalization
Digitize your products: bring your products and customers into the digital world! Give your products unique, secure, intuitive, scalable digital identities and make them communicate.
Strengthen Brand Trust and Brand Loyalty, follow all the parameters of the relationship with your customers and with the market, ensure the safety and authenticity of your products, have complete control over your distribution chain.
ATT’s Product Experience chain provides you withe the support you need, from the generation of codes, their integration, their registration on your production lines, their monitoring in the supply chain, the operation by the consumer, to the management of all traceability, CRM and security.

Documents Security
Banknotes, tax stamps, identity documents and valuable or sensitive documents, Advanced Track & Trace® has for several years successfully developed its activity in the field of document security.
Its innovative technologies have found numerous applications with a very high level of security, based on its know-how in issuing public codes and designing private codes. ATT has developed breakthrough technologies for authentication and identification, protection of valuable or sensitive documents, protection of data integrity and encoding of confidential information to ensure the security of people and documents.

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