YPB launches ConnectQR to take advantage of ‘viral’ global QR growth

Authentication and consumer engagement solutions creator and longstanding AIPIA member YPB Group has launched an innovative new module, ConnectQR, to exploit the burgeoning QR code generation and management market globally, it says. It is a brand new module of YPB’s  Connect™ SaaS platform, adding self-service features. It is capable of having a dramatic impact on YPB’s business, with the potential to scale both revenue and profit at speed, the company expects. Its introduction was accompanied by the launch on January 31st 2024 of a new website www.connectqr.ai .

It is a fully self-service QR code generation and management platform, built around a “feature led pricing” freemium entry model, where pricing tiers with volume and functionality. The offer itself is a high volume, low-price, AI-driven revenue model with no need for direct sales by YPB staff. Sales will be propelled by sophisticated, targeted search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns.

As a QR code generation and management platform, it will allow businesses to generate QR codes and their accompanying consumer engagement power to make inert packaging and physical media intelligent when combined with the company’s consumer engagement platform. 

The QR code scan generates highly valuable, first-party data to inform and direct marketing campaigns, product design etc. when the scan data is captured and analysed by Connect™. YPB claims to be a pioneer in this engagement technology and its platform has proven scalability with 250 million codes generated up to January 2024.

The self-service QR generation space is a young but growing B2B market and YPB’s experience via the Connect technology platform and the powerful simplicity of the ConnectQR platform makes it immediately well positioned at product launch, it believes. QR code customers wanting to benefit from serialized products or supply chain traceability can simply add modules within the YPB suite.

YPB Group CEO John Houston said, “We saw widespread uptake of QR codes following the pandemic and realised that our Connect platform was ideally placed to take the company into the QR generation market but with sophisticated QR management abilities learned from our experience in the QR code industry. Our technical team has been focussed on this launch for much of 2023 and I am very proud of their delivery of what I believe is an exciting new opportunity for the company.”

The market is rapidly growing with 100 million QR code users forecast in the USA alone by 2025. The QR code market is forecast to reach US$3.5billion by 2033, up from US$1.5b last year. Notably, this forecast is only for less sophisticated QR applications, excluding serialisation etc, says YPB.

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