SUPZero stands for the transition from Single Use Plastic to Zero Waste. The transition from a lifestyle that results in a lot of packaging waste to a lifestyle that takes into account the finite nature of raw materials and the importance of a healthy, clean planet.

SUPZero examines business households based on Zero Waste principles, and develops and implements low-waste total concepts so that entrepreneurs and their customers prevent a lot of plastic and other packaging waste. What you don't create in terms of waste doesn't have to be disposed of and therefore doesn't end up in the environment. The basis for our work is a thorough analysis of raw materials and then we advise on the optimal tailor-made Zero Waste strategy. We serve customers in many industries, from DIY, Floriculture and Construction to Food companies in the transition to a low-waste business.

In addition to tailor-made advice, SUPZero implements new and promising system solutions through collaboration with various start-ups. The criteria are clear: Zero Waste solutions are only good if they:

1 working well business-wise,

2 provide a clear environmental benefit, and

3 support the normalisation of sustainable behaviour.

For this reason, SUPZero guides in excellent storytelling so that customers and end consumers understand, accept and embrace the new solutions.

Consumer behaviour and supply: Stores are the place to be for positive change in consumer behaviour
Stores provide a unique platform for changing consumer behaviour. That's where supply and demand come together. In both areas, SUPZero is committed to achieving a sustainable change in behaviour among consumers and entrepreneurs, with a sound business case for packaging-free/low-packaging products for the entrepreneur as a starting point.

It is important for a successful implementation that a lot of attention is paid to awareness, customer experience and the facilitation of new environmentally conscious consumption behaviour. That is why motivating media (e.g. apps and in-store video) are used to get used to the concept and new behaviour.

As a result, entrepreneur and customer base together save many tons of (plastic) waste sustainably and can celebrate this joint success.

Right thing to do, economically smart
Different, more environmentally conscious consumer behaviour requires careful communication with the customer and matching their motivations and ambitions. But conveying the motives and choices of the entrepreneur are also of great importance for a successful introduction of packaging-free concepts. SUPZero is looking for customers for whom reducing their impact on the environment by saving on plastic packaging is important.

However, if packaging-free shopping is well organized as a concept, it also makes sense from an economic point of view. Nice margins can be made on bulk, while you also save on packaging costs.

What does packaging-free offer your company?
Significant contribution to planet-proof entrepreneurship. Depending on the choice of system, the environmental impact will be up to 70% lower compared to pre-packaged offerings.
Powerful sustainable image
Effective solution to comply with regulations on packaging: (Plastic Pact & SUP direction of the EU).
Take advantage of your unique position as a retailer to introduce a large audience to packaging-free shopping.
Bulk offers the opportunity to make interesting profit margins.
Packaging costs (also think of secondary packaging) are saved or reduced.
Once adopted by your customers, it's about repeat business: Loyalty.
SUPZero offers the full-service solution to avoid a lot of plastic waste with your company and introduce your clientele to the shopping of the future. 

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