NEWS: New generation of smart labelling technology


Each week until the USA Summit of the Americas (Jersey City 4/5 June) we are featuring one or more of the presentations which demonstrate advances in Active & Intelligent Packaging technology. This week we showcase Insignia Technologies’ innovative labels, which have proven to extend shelf-life, reduce food waste and encourage food consumption at optimal quality.

The company’s latest offering, FreshTag, is an innovative time and temperature monitoring system that links together the entire supply chain from point of production through to QSR/store.

The After Opening Freshness Timer is a time and temperature sensitive label which allows the consumer to track freshness of cooked meats once opened. Based on patented colour changing technology these labelling solutions are significantly impacting food waste for major global brands.

Come and listen to Graham Skinner, product development manager at Insignia to learn more about this ‘next generation’ smart label. For more details of this presentation and the complete agenda of more than 20 exciting speakers and to register visit:

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June4-5, Jersey City