Etheclo - the start
We found out that a lot of companies were looking for alternative distribution channels to transport their temperature sensitive goods in a safe way to their customers, but that the cost of logistics and the compliancy of the cold chain were serious concerns.

Etheclo made a point of it by developping a box that enables longer logistic trips, thus ensuring to all parties that their shipments will reach their destination safely at an affordable cost.
Interested customers get the option to follow the temperature of their boxes online, which is unique in the B2C food market.

Thanks to the growing interest from the Healthcare sector, we decided to rename Efoodconsult and to give it a more appropiate name, Etheclo, what means Thermo Controlled Logistics.

Etheclo, a startup with a mission
Plenty of vans in the same street to deliver packages to the households...a well known image?
Whithout any doubt : a growing number of end consumers wish to receive their packages delivered to their doorstep.
These packages that we found until recently only in the shops, require more vans, provoke more expensive logistics and higher C02 emissions.
Moreover, a lot of temperature sensitive goods are transported in a network of cooled vans and contribute in this way to additional traffic congestions.
Merchants and logistic players may reduce these problems by using the Etheclobox, which doesn't require cooled vans. In this way they can combine all their goods in the same non cooled van and avoid a further increase of the mobility problems.
Furthermore, the Etheclobox is reusable up to dozens of times, contributing in this way to a more circular and sustainable economy.
We can conclude that the Etheclobox is a safe solution that contributes at the same time to a better environment and more viable streets.
And last but not the end of its life, the Etheclobox will be entirely recycled.

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