Dissolving Bottle concept carries sustainability message

As we have said before, not all Smart Packaging needs a chip, tag, or QR code to ‘connect’ it, or even something in the material or package to make it ‘active’. In 2020, one example was a box containing a Dutch bike which, on the outside, said it was a television – this reduced damage in transit by 40%! In 2021 we saw a fruit pack that contained a daily banana for six days, from ready to eat to a bit green – which prevents the throwing away of a load of over-ripe bananas. To end 2022, we now have the ‘dissolvable shampoo bottle’, which, in fact, is not a bottle at all.

As the original article, which appeared on Dieline, a bespoke creative platform serving the packaging community, says, personal care products like shampoos mostly come in liquid form, primarily for convenience - rather than formats that would require a consumer to spend time lathering up a dry or solid cleanser...


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