VUbiq Networks

VUbiq Networks

Vubiq Networks, Inc. is a privately held millimeter wave innovation company headquartered in Irvine, California. The company designs, manufactures and markets proprietary, high-bandwidth, millimeter wave wireless transmission products that enable full-duplex, multi-gigabit speed transport with full integration of software-defined layer 2 networking capabilities. In addition, Vubiq Networks continues to innovate in the millimeter wave market with solutions in telecommunications, wireless fabric architecture, RFID tag decoding, Internet of Things, and synthetic aperture radar applications. These and future efforts have been strategically protected by technology patents.

Vubiq Networks is an innovation leader in millimeter wave radio frequency identification (RFID) hyperimaging technology. Our portfolio of technology patents covers our unique data encoding technology that exploits the natural physics of antennas at a tremendously small scale. The result is a chipless RFID data tag that approaches the cost of printing a bar code, but with the ability to contain hundreds of data bits in the size of a postage stamp.

Utilizing our innovative polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (POLSAR) hyperimaging techniques, not only can the data be retrieved from the tag, but also physically located. What’s more, our technology can read tags through materials such as cardboard, pill bottles, and envelopes. This breakthrough approach to RFID significantly reduces costs, while providing performance advantages and features not available with existing solutions and competitive approaches.

Vubiq Networks’ patented RFID technology addresses all of the downfalls of traditional RFID solutions. Our chipless technology breaks through today’s biggest barrier: the cost of the RFID tag. Our innovative approach reduces tag costs to near pennies per tag. With POLSAR, multiple tag collisions are no longer an issue. With the use of millimeter wave as the frequency spectrum, reader performance increases and wireless disruption is minimized. Utilizing POLSAR hyperimaging as opposed to traditional RFID methods greatly expands the use cases by providing the ability to read multiple tags simultaneously, as well as determining their three-dimensional location.

Today, Vubiq Networks’ technology innovation is reflected in a growing portfolio of 17 US technology patents, two US technology patent application publications, and two European technology patents in millimeter wave components and system-level network communications. This valuable intellectual property portfolio provides the company with the ability to continue to design and create innovative millimeter wave solutions.

One of the company’s first product efforts during its early phase was the creation and production of a full transmitter and receiver at 60 GHz, including antenna, within a ball grid array (BGA) surface-mount package. This was the world’s first millimeter wave integrated transmitter and receiver in a single module.

Leveraging years of research and development, along with the patented Modular Integrated Waveguide technology, Vubiq Networks has evolved become the innovation leader in point-to-point wireless transmission, development systems, and standalone waveguide technology. Historically focused primarily on V-Band, the company has recently announced the release of an E-Band solution in the 70/80 GHz spectrum. The company’s modular approach and unique development of millimeter waveguide modules provides flexibility to silicon and positions the technology as “spectrum agnostic.”

Vubiq Network’s patented technology provides the company with the flexibility to use any semiconductor type in its product solutions. Not only is this the largest investment, it also determines the performance of the product. This flexible approach is the foundation of Vubiq Network’s ability to increase distance, speed and resolution, as well as provide solutions in other spectrum bands.

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