CertiRx Corporation

CertiRx Corporation

Proprietary data carriers that can stand alone or be configured to secure other human readable or machine readable codes or information. These data carriers are a printable link to the IoT.

“Brand Protection” is not a single functional task assigned to your legal or security professionals. It requires an integrated system of risk assessment and corresponding mitigation throughout your supply chain.

CertiRx Brand Protection Consulting Services delivers integrated brand protection solutions. We demonstrate quantifiable benefits associated with implementing supply chain integrity technologies and corresponding process improvements. The CertiRx Brand Protection Consulting Services Platform includes:

  • Conducting a review of the casual factors linked to specific brand violations
    Quantifying losses from counterfeits, diversion and fraud
    Employing safe and secure best practices to help prevent attacks
    Assessing the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting and serialization technologies
    Developing an ROI for anti-counterfeiting investments, including a validated scorecard to measure revenue recovery and cost avoidance results
    Securing Executive Commitment for ongoing brand protection work and for implementing technology solutions

At the strategic level, we also can help with:

  • Developing awareness and training programs for internal associates and external stakeholders
    Organizing a brand protection function and decision-making processes
    Providing qualified contract resources for that function
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