Scent Marketing Institute

Scent Marketing Institute

What is the Scent Marketing Institute?

SMI is a global not-for-profit organization for marketers, fragrance houses and solution providers working in the field of scent and sensory marketing.

SMI is a membership-based organization, led by a full time Executive Director and overseen by a rotating Executive Committee.

The primary goals of SMI are to provide you with unique opportunities to grow your business, to connect you with a community of leading companies in the field and to expand the knowledge and use of scent marketing worldwide.

We are dedicated to:

Educating the public, government entities and companies about the benefits and applications of using scent in marketingDisseminating information about safety and best practicesEnhancing our members’ knowledge and expertise through professional development and industry-specific educationSupporting members in successful sales interactions with potential clients and key contacts in the industryCreating a vital interactive global scent marketing community.

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