Beyond the simple wine label’ thanks to NFC and QR

BottleVin, a Silicon Valley-based, startup that developed a smart bottle marketing and analytics platform for wine, spirits and beer producers in 2018, has announced the launch of its latest NFC (near-field communication) enabled bottle for its original client, Napa Valley-based Reynold’s Family Winery.

The company’s first NFC-enabled bottles were introduced with Reynolds in a pilot program, and is entering the second year of bottling with both NFC and unique QR labels. BottleVin partnered with Landmark Label/Cellotape, a Resource Label Group company, to create the NFC labels for its smart packaging platform

“This offers an extraordinary marketing opportunity,” said Steve Reynolds, founder and owner of Reynolds Family Winery. “If you were to just see our wines on a crowded store shelf, you wouldn’t immediately know our story. But thanks to BottleVin, with just a tap, the bottle becomes the storyteller. The depth of product information we can deliver is far beyond what a label offers.”

“We created BottleVin because we saw an opportunity to blend the world of wine with technology, connecting producers directly to their customers in a meaningful and authentic way,” said Paul Salcedo, co-founder and CEO of BottleVin. “Our platform lets producers easily engage customers via NFC, QR and image recognition technologies, while better understanding their market to increase sales.”

Selecting a wine has largely become a mobile experience – with a majority of consumers not researching online at a desktop before entering a store or restaurant. BottleVin’s platform turns bottles into IoT devices, providing a new way for producers to reach customers wherever they are engaging with wine.

The marketing and analytics platform provides producers real-time control over their brand message and product information to keep it fresh and relevant, while delivering actionable market insights, says the company. A BottleVin-connected product is ready to share content for achieving any branding, awareness or loyalty goal, it claims. The technology is already on 200,000+ bottles of wine.


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