Reath Technology Ltd

Reath Technology Ltd

In 2019, Claire Rampen and Emily Rogers came together in Edinburgh and set out to understand why businesses were not reusing their packaging.
After gaining a decade of experience in technology businesses (from start-ups to corporates), it was time to take what they had learned about using data to overcome Operational and Commercial hurdles and apply it to the mounting pollution crisis.

They spoke to hundreds of companies, trying to understand why they weren’t reusing their packaging. What they found were people like them: people in multi-national corporations who were hearing consumers’ demands, and seeing the mounting threat of climate change; people trying to implement more sustainable practices but were hitting hurdle after hurdle after hurdle. Claire and Emily saw those hurdles as the start of change. They worked with Innovate UK to continue their research and published their findings as an Open Data Standard called©.

Emily and Claire used© as the foundation for Reath as we know it today: An easy-to-use platform that creates “digital passports” for physical items. Reath gives each reusable item, like your shampoo bottle, a unique id, which is basically like its version of a person’s passport. Reath’s software then tracks your item at every stage of its lifecycle.

We make your packaging smart
The Reath team have launched 10 reuse system and the last 14 months - we are experts in getting you set up from scratch, or connecting into your existing set up.

We help you make your B2B or B2C packaging smart by attaching a machine readable tag to it - a QR Code, NFC, RFID, Barcode, Digital Watermark - we are tag agnostic. We scan this tag to create a Digital Twin in our system, which means we can deliver advanced tracking data to power your safe, scalable reuse systems.

Simply attach a tag onto your product, and you’re ready to follow it through its journey again and again (and so are your customers!).

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