NEWS: Temperature Monitors Work for Both Food and Pharma


Blulog recently unveiled a range of new, single-use NFC temperature data loggers at Fruit Logistica 2018 in Berlin. These NFC loggers are designed especially for use in the produce industry. The philosophy behind this solution is to provide a very affordable and easy-to-use solution for temperature monitoring of these products, says the company.

The person responsible for the shipment gets the logger already pre-programmed for a specific product, with all the stability information. To start the logger it simply needs to be unwrapped. Blinking diodes tell the user it has been activated. It is then put into the pallet or container where it measures the temperature and saves the information to an internal memory.

With a typical precision of 0.5°C, internal memory of around 1,000 measurement points and easy activation, the ready-to-use loggers can be put directly in pallets or boxes. They are available for large volumes - starting from 1,000 units. These affordable, personalized devices can be used not only as quality tool, but also as a marketing tool, claims BluLog.

Elsewhere the RF system developed by Blulog has been officially approved by WHO (World Health Organisation) in the E006 category (temperature monitoring devices,) Already the device has been introduced in more than 20 developing countries, and is used to guarantee good conditions of storage for vaccines and other medicine for humanitarian NGOs. They have been used, among others, during recent vaccines campaigns against yellow fever and measles.

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