New RFID tag features battery free, changeable display

Toppan Printing a AIPIA member offering a range of printed security solutions has launched Near cross D 2.9, an RFID tag with a battery-free display that can enhance traceability, facilitate labour-saving, and drive paperless processes in manufacturing, distribution, and retail, it says.

 Near cross D 2.9 uses HF band communication compliant with the widely-used ISO/IEC 15693 standard and is therefore compatible with existing reader/writers and RFID systems, according to Toppan.

 The information on the screen can be changed in approximately three seconds, and the E Ink electronic paper display can be refreshed more than 100,000 times, using just the power for wireless RFID communication, with no power required to maintain the information displayed.

 The absence of a battery eliminates the need for charging, replacement, or other maintenance and enables the tag to drive greater efficiency for product management by streamlining such processes as relabeling and instructions for logistics, it is claimed. The electronic paper display needs no backlight and provides good visibility in ambient light conditions, helping to raising accuracy when scanning barcodes and QR codes with cameras or infrared light.

 Near cross D 2.9 also makes it possible to display information in multiple languages to optimize communication among diverse workforces without the need to print or apply additional logistics labels or instructions.

 “This tag rationalizes processes in manufacturing and other settings and helps to address such issues as the decline in Japan’s working population and the need to enhance environmental performance by saving resources and energy,” said Toru Yoshino, GM of device development in Toppan’s Security Business Centre. “It can be adopted on a standalone basis, but can also be combined with NAVINECT, Toppan’s end-to-end service for driving digital transformation in manufacturing, to leverage diverse data and achieve greater productivity, efficiency, and quality,” he added.

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