AGI Shorewood

AGI Shorewood

When Album Graphics Incorporated first began trading in 1968, few would have thought that the company would go on to assume its place in today’s ultra-demanding marketplace as a world leader in end-to-end packaging solutions. 
Creating and delivering everything from the most eye-catching designs to working hand in glove with some of the biggest names in the digital arena. 
What we believed in back in ’68 still holds true today. We’re passionate about creativity and innovative print and packaging. 
We love bringing ideas to life and challenging convention.


Design & Digital

Customer insights help us to create big ideas that can be delivered across a raft of media including packaging, through the line marketing campaigns, flat print, POS, 3D and digital.

Production Services

We offer tailored artwork creations & prepress services for packaging, POS, marketing and online. The entire process is facilitated by an online artwork solution (OLAS), which delivers localization, project management, reporting & digital asset management.

Print & Packaging

We not only utilize the latest technologies and systems to manage the process as seamlessly as possible, but also provide the most innovative solutions imaginable.

Retail & POS

We understand the consumer journey and therefore only produce the most eye-catching and cost effective POS, utilizing the most up-to-date technology and creative builds possible to suit the clients’ requirements.


We are the largest DVD box manufacturer in the United states and Europe, shipping millions of items across both continents.

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