Our Team resulted from the department of Technology of Graphic Arts of TEI Athens and the department of Engineers of Designing of Products and Systems of University of the Aegean. We began work having a lot of expectations and high aspirations, with major emphasis given to intensive collective effort.

One of our realistic and sensible targets is the creation of conditions for the organization of methodology in the management of technologies in micro-printing, through smart materials aiming at the evolution of functionality of the printed  (electronic) print products.

We can organised and management on projects oriented
How to produce antennas [HF - UHF ], of the RF ID system ?
What profit from the business - entrepreneurship?
How can be communicate the smart prints, with electronic devices, (mobile

With what technology and technical-equipment needs?
Who will build the prototype?What is the productivity of the system?
What Business Model will apply?
Which market will absorb it?
What is the potential for scalable system?

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