NEWS: Microsoft and Digimarc Integrate Scanning Software in Windows® 10


Digimarc Corporation , an AIPIA member  participating in the upcoming Summit of the Americas (Jersey City 4/5 June), has announced a new 15 year partnership with Microsoft. The partnership includes the integration of Digimarc scanning software into Windows, as part of the Windows 10 update. The two companies have worked together to improve retailer operational efficiency and increase consumer engagement with products.

“Microsoft continually evaluates technologies in the service of adding greater functionality to Windows developers and end users,” said David Lemson, director of program management, Windows and devices group, Microsoft. “Digimarc is at the leading-edge of auto-detection and scanning capabilities and their technology brings great value to Windows 10 and its users.”

Scanning capabilities will now available worldwide in Windows 10-supported devices with built-in cameras. The new built-in support of Digimarc detection technology gives the Windows development community easy access to several powerful technologies. Using standard Windows APIs, developers can benefit from high performance scanning of the most common traditional barcodes found in retail, including QR codes, Digimarc Barcode and DWCode™ by GS1.

 Potential applications can leverage detection and scanning capabilities within Digimarc software to enable retail associate applications as well as unlimited consumer scenarios. The companies will work together to expand support for additional use cases in future releases.

“The inclusion of Digimarc detection and scanning software in Windows 10 and future releases of Windows is a testament to the growing value and maturity of our platform,” said Bruce Davis, CEO at Digimarc. “Our vision is to improve upon the auto identification facilitated by barcodes, and to spread this capability to all media. Windows developers will now be able to more easily and effectively take advantage of our Intuitive Computing Platform when developing their applications.”

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