Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

Every day, millions of people around the world enjoy the benefits of products from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Very likely, someone in your family is one of them.

Your family’s health and well-being is our passion. That’s why our companies offer the world’s broadest range of health care products. Whether you have a skin blemish or sniffles or a serious medical condition, you and the health professionals you trust can turn to our companies’ products for comfort and care.

In your home, products from our consumer health companies brighten your smile, add luster to your hair and ease that nagging headache. You can rely on us to help keep baby fresh, sooth an irritating itch, or relieve an aching muscle.

In operating rooms and laboratories, doctors and nurses, too, rely on products from our medical technology companies. They use these products to perform hip replacements, implant coronary stents, and run tests for metastatic breast cancer that give people hope for a longer, more active life. These products help them help people conquer life-threatening obesity, ward off colon cancer, and control their diabetes. The list goes on.

And products from our pharmaceutical companies have likely helped someone you know. These prescription medicines treat a wide array of conditions, ranging from migraines and rheumatoid arthritis to cancer and serious infections.

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