UWI Technology Limited

UWI Technology Limited

The UWI Label shows clearly if a product is still safe to use. It’s activated automatically when the container is opened and can’t be stopped, leaving no room for human error. With the UWI Label, your customers know exactly when to use your product, and you know they’re experiencing your brand at its very best. Our universal visual language using greed (good) and red (bad) means anyone can understand the label in an instant.

It can be calibrated to measure minutes, hours, days, weeks or months, and in a controlled environment (such as a laboratory) the label can be activated manually.

The UWI Label is appropriate in many industries including the food sector, life sciences, aerospace and cosmetics. In fact, anywhere a product degrades, becomes less effective, or even harmful once opened or mixed together. When you’re certain something’s safe to use, you’ll waste less, reduce costs and avoid big problems further down the line.

The UWI Label - Reassuringly Simple


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