BHR Group

BHR Group

BHR Group is an independent research and consultancy company with clients and partners across the globe. We are differentiated by our ability to deliver a business-focussed, multi-disciplinary approach bridging applied research and technology commercialisation. The knowledge we have developed through our work as well as through collaboration over the past 65 years has allowed us to build a reputable expertise in several areas. Our clients in the chemicals and related industries include P&G, GSK, Eli Lilly, DuPont, Dow Chemical Co, AkzoNobel, Solvay, Huntsman Polyurethanes, Rockwood Additives, Unilever.

BHR Group plays a pivotal role in the industrial adoption of nanotechnology. Through our wholly industrially-funded research consortium programme DOMINO, we investigate the incorporation and break up of nanoparticle clusters as well as delamination of nanoclays in liquids. We have successfully been working on EC funded projects and helped address a number of process development related issues our clients have through bilateral confidential consultancy projects. These have helped our clients and partners take new products, including packaging, to market.

The specific areas of our expertise in the field include

  • Incorporation of nanoparticles and nanoclays into liquids

  • Intercalation of nanoclays

  • Exfoliation of nanoclays

  • Nanoemulsions

  • Dispersion rheology

  • Numerical modelling

  • Recommendations on process design



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