rlc packaging group

rlc packaging group

We aim to supply unique, efficient solutions that cover all aspects of packaging management. Produced according to a lean, sustainable approach, our packaging comes in unique designs and finishes that consistently attract attention at the POS. This has been our responsibility for five generations. Uncomplicated, passionate, friendly and direct. Loyal, open and reliable.

Following our "Thinking out of the box" principle, our packaging solutions are based on innovative, unusual concepts that add value and are always reliable. Get to know us!

To maintain our consistent level of success, we have aligned our organization to our customers' needs. We combine the depth of our industry specializations with the breadth of our range of services and experience from five generations of packaging responsibility.

This is why we are constantly developing truly exceptional packaging that functions reliably and can be produced efficiently. Above all, our packaging ensures that your product convinces the consumer at the decisive moment.

Our comprehensive packaging management covers the entire value chain, from consulting and design to packaging production and complete packaging solutions. Customers benefit from our high degree of familiarity with the success factors in each industry. We have worked in close cooperation with many of our customers and suppliers for years.

Access to differentiating, exceptionally innovative products and processes gives our customers and their brands a distinct advantage. Our job is to continually scrutinize our approach and see the bigger picture so that we can provide future-oriented solutions.

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