Technopakas, TUB

Technopakas, TUB

High quality packaging

We provide European quality packaging, backed up by reliable film manufacturers warranties and ISO standarts. 

Technopakas- smart, thinking out of the box, environment friendly plastic packaging producer.

Company History
Technopakas was established in 1993 by three young and ambitious men as a regional custom plastic inserts for sweets supplier. From the begining company main purpose was high quality custom packaging from enviromentaly safe materials.

In 2000 Technopakas set up the moulding production company- Technoforma.  Technoforma specializes in moulds for Technopakas thermoforming equipments.

In 2001 Technopakas found one manufacture in Belarus- Technoplast . Technoplast produce disposable containers for Belarus and Russian Markets.

Technopakas big breakthrough came in 2004, with the development of new product range from BOPS (Biological Orientated Polystyrene) and APET (Amorphous PET).
Till today company is headed by the same three young and ambitious men.

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