Toppan America

Toppan America

The inaugural Toppan statement proclaimed, “Our aim is to supply finely crafted printed materials at affordable prices using novel Western equipment.” The spirit of this statement continues to resonate at Toppan, which has established the similar yet expanded goal to “supply society with products and services of the highest quality driven by the latest technology.”

Now our business activities span the areas of commercial printing, securities printing, packaging, publications printing, electronics and IC business, but all of these divisions find their roots in the original letterpress printing of 1900. (For a detailed chronology of Toppan Printing Company, click here)

In 2000, Toppan marked its centennial with the formulation of Toppan Vision 21, a statement outlining our corporate commitment to “contribute to a fulfilling lifestyle as a mainstay of information and culture” while steadfastly pursuing our founding goal.

In a world undergoing dramatic change, Toppan hopes to lead stakeholders into a more enriched and fulfilling future. Toward this end, Toppan will continue expanding its business domain and creating new products and services centered on printing technology. Examples of our innovation include display advances such as color filters for LCD TVs, next-generation products like solar cells and fuel cells that hold the promise of clean energy, and life-sciences products such as SNP chips for gene therapy. Our motto for the future is continued growth through expansion into new business fields and the development of products and services that support future advances.

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