Dynahmat / Lund university

Dynahmat / Lund university

Developing dynamic shelf life services in the food and pharmacuticals industry.

Reduce food waste
DYNAHMAT is expected to radically reduce waste in the supply chain. Quality assured products and a secure cold chain make visible the significance of temperature for food storage stability and in this way, shelf life is improved.


Opportunity for differentiation
For innovative actors, DYNAHMAT means an increased quality and security all the way to the consumer, which strengthens brand names and consumer confidence.

Secure cold chain
A uniform measurement of temperature in the flow at all actors in the food supply chain ensures whether the cold chain has been intact or not, as well as when and where something unforeseen has occurred.


Knowledge of future sensors and ICT systems
Sweden is an IT society and can be a forerunner on the international market. Increased learning about the use of new technologies by food chain actors means that concepts, strategies and solutions can be exported and integrated in bigger international systems.

Efficiency improvements
Both in-house and between actors in the supply chain. In-house efficiency improvements will be possible through the early relocation of goods whose status has changed during the management process. Food distribution controlled according to needs and actual quality is seen as a clear business case for both carriers and retail trade. Efficiency improvements will take place in the chain by means of fewer returns when individual products or batches of poor quality can be easily traced.


Increased consumer confidence
For the brand name, dynamic shelf life labeling and retail trade. Consumer confidence for these three will increase because of increased transparency in the chain, but perhaps most important, increased transparency for the consumers. This is a way of strengthening consumer trust. The solution will make it almost impossible to falsify date labeling by means of relabeling, because the information will be securely protected in the system.

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