Greater food supply chain transparency and traceability to meet FMSA 204 requirements

AIPIA member, Wiliot, the ambient Internet of Things (IoT) specialist has announced a major new food safety initiative, to create completely transparent and traceable supply chains – soon required for FSMA 204 compliance in the USA – through the adoption of its Ambient IoT technology . This is a battery-free wireless technology that can be incorporated in multiple wireless standards, such as Bluetooth, 5G Advanced, 6G, and Wi-Fi – allowing food products to be connected to the internet and the power of AI.

As part of this new initiative, Wiliot is partnering with food industry innovators iFoodDS and Trustwell to incorporate its ambient IoT data and technology into both companies’ safety and compliance platforms.

“Via the capabilities of the ambient IoT, the entire food industry can move beyond QR codes, advance shipping notices and electronic documentation to a new traceability paradigm that is infinitely faster, entirely real-time and drastically reduces the cost of manual labour and technology infrastructure,” said Wiliot CMO Steve Statler.

Trustwell’s software and consulting solutions are focused on increasing transparency across the supply chain, giving food companies the tools to remain ahead of industry regulations. The company brings together two products, FoodLogiQ and Genesis, to go beyond compliance and set a new standard for safety, transparency, and quality in the food industry, it says.

“The incorporation of Wiliot’s ambient IoT data into our Trustwell Connect Platform will enable brands to have visibility across the supply chain with a single source of truth, fully traceable, compliant and data-driven,” said Julie McGill, VP of supply chain strategy and insights at Trustwell. 

iFoodDS helps food companies deliver traceable , high-quality products to consumers. Using its connected traceability, quality, and food safety solutions gives companies visibility and insight into their supply chains, reduce food waste, and optimize inventory quality, it claims. 

“FDA’s Final Traceability Rule, FSMA 204, provides an important framework for the food industry,” Andrew Kennedy, principal traceability advisor at iFoodDS, said. “The food industry can leverage this framework to significantly enhance food safety, food freshness, and operational efficiency, using this game changing technology.” 

The goal of Rule 204 is to create visibility within the supply chain to enable a better response to foodborne illnesses, contamination, and other public health and safety issues. The food industry has until January 2026 to comply with it.

“This goal of better protecting consumers cannot be achieved without creating greater transparency and traceability throughout the entire chain of food production distribution system,” said Frank Yiannas, former Deputy Commissioner of the Food & Drug Administration and an advisor to the 

Wiliot is already working with iFoodDS and Trustwell on a series of FSMA 204 compliance pilot projects with some of the America’s largest food companies. 

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