NEWS: Get Ready for Your Digital Congress Beer!


Soon, consumers will be able to buy, digital beer, as well as other consumables, capable of providing information about the product itself and its production stages with the aid of smart codes and the sensors embedded in the product. And it will happen sooner than you think! So VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s senior research scientist Maria Smolander will explain to Congress delegates all about TagitSmart and how its coming to a beer (and other things) near you, soon!

The most immediate result follows collaboration between VTT and UpCode. The first Finnish consumer goods to see the introduction of sensors and functional inks - providing additional information, product safety and entertainment - will be launched by the end of this year.

”A smart sensor attached to a beer bottle label knows if the beer is fit for consumption, its brewer, and the circumstances under which it was brewed,” says Liisa Hakola, project manager at VTT. “The codes in the label also inform the reader of how the lifespan of the product can be improved and offer a direct communication channel between the consumer and the manufacturer.”

The European TagItSmart project, which will run until the end of 2018, has seen VTT develop functional inks for smart codes. Project partner Upcode has designed individualized 2D codes attached to the labels of Bock beer bottles, from a small Vaasa brewery.  Beer bottles are the first product offering these additional features. They are being used to gauge Finnish consumers’ opinions by selling bottles at a local store in Vaasa and logging views with the aid of an online forum.

 “This solution will deliver a significant change to product branding, as it enables not only product personalization but also consumer-directed production and distribution and, thereby, a higher value added on the digital market,” says Sture Udd, UpCode’s CEO.

Future consumer products were presented on September 5, also in Vaasa.  Visitors had an opportunity to familiarize themselves see other demonstrations, including an application that provides an indication of a product’s freshness and authenticity.

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