New ‘Smart Jar’ from Hellmann’s and Ogilvy aims to reduce food waste

Hellmann’s has teamed up with Ogilvy to design a smart mayonnaise jar that tells consumers when their fridge is at the optimal temperature to keep their food fresher for longer and cut down on food waste.

Forming part of Hellmann’s Make Taste Not Waste positioning that launched in 2021, the Smart Jar aims to combat the findings of a recent study suggesting that consumers are seeing their food spoil up to three days faster in fridges running at above 5?. When kept in conditions below that threshold, the jar’s thermochromic ink – a type of ink only visible at a certain temperature – is activated to reveal hidden messages and illustrations designed by illustrator Ellen Porteus from the Jacky Winter Group...


Part of Smart Packaging for Intelligent Logistics: SEE HERE

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