Creating the Trust equation
Ennoventure Inc was started in 2018 with the goal of being an innovative venture which develops digital solutions to solve day to day problems faced by mankind. The company uses technologies like AI, Cryptography, Blockchain, Geofencing and embedded solutions in their endeavour.

With headquarters in Massachusetts, USA and R&D centre in Bengaluru, India, Ennoventure patented their digital technology of encryption (without any process change). The technology is used to ensure brand protection, tracking & tracing, and to enhance brand engagement.

 The technology finds application across multiple sectors over different product lines.

What problems do we solve?
Companies need to guarantee the authenticity of their products as the customers move towards more online purchases. It is estimated that the global economic counterfeiting will reach about $2.3 trillion making foolproof authentication a “must have” for global companies to protect the integrity of brand investments. All the existing anti-counterfeit solutions are imitable and require massive changes in the production process, including significant CAPEX and OPEX investments.

What is our unique technological innovation?
» Our patented anti-counterfeiting solutions can encrypt cryptographic signature on artwork of the package making the package digital. The encrypted signature is invisible to the naked eye and can be retrieved using any smartphone.

» Our unique cloud-based solution uses 512-bit encryption and uses a combination of AI, cryptography and Blockchain to identify authentic products thereby offering counterfeit protection to your brand.

» Our solution enables customized experience for all stakeholders across a company’s value chain.

What is our unique value proposition?
» Our cloud based solution is agnostic of any manufacturing or packaging process and can be implemented rapidly without any modifications or changes to existing processes.

» We eliminate the need for investments in specialized scanners or printers. Our robust cloud-based application can be installed and used on any major smartphones.

» The packaging artwork can be encrypted with invisible signatures without any visible change. Not even a microdot gets added to the artwork.

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