Colour changing QR code from Fasiculus brings high visibility to product authentication

AIPIA member Fasiculus, based in Gurgaon,India, was a participant in the recent Pack.NxT conference in Mumbai which was sponsored by AIPIA. It introduced ‘FASICOLOR’ during the event, an innovative breakthrough technology of complex molecular engineering, that utilizes fluorescent organic dyes, not accessible in the public market, to create a colour changing special marking for exterior packaging, says the company.

FASICOLOR is a simple and cost-effective way to check the authenticity of a product, it claims. Just flash the torch light from a mobile phone and check for a strong colour change to prove the product is genuine.

The company addresses the need to authenticate a product’s authenticity without the inconvenience of an APP download. So the product has the following features: 

  • • No APP Download is needed
  • • No Internet Connection required
  • • Consumers can check and authenticate Instantly 

FASICOLOUR can be utilized to authenticate any product such as:

  • • AGRO Products such as Seeds, Fertilizers and Pesticides
  • • Pharma Products and Medicines.
  • • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • • Cosmetics and Skin Products

During Pack.NxT the company also showcased its other authentication products. FASIMARK is a invisible, non-copiable watermark solution. It utilizies sophisticated cryptographic techniques which embed unique identifiers into digital content for robust counterfeit protection and enhanced product security, says the company. FASICODE is a non-copiable digital passport, which employscutting-edge encryption techniques. This secure identity verification system enhances the protection of the product to help prevent counterfeiting according to the company.

Jatin Talwar a spokesperson for Fasiculus spoke to AIPIA during the Mumbai conference, “The company provides innovative authentication, identification and tracking technologies. Our core security solution is powered by award winning technologies with more than 150 patents. These now enable us to generate over 6 billion security labels every year. We believe our company has now put together the first packaging and labelling industry blockchain for products and brands.”

“It is important that the smart packaging sector in India is given platforms like Pack.NxT to show the levels of technology now being achieved and to highlight the demand for these across the value chain,” he added.

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