NEWS: Where next for Augmented Reality: CONGRESS TOPIC




A recent article in Food Navigator cast a quizzical eye at Augmented Reality (AR) and how it might gain more traction in the packaging sector. “In 2011 it looked like AR would become as ubiquitous as the barcode in food packaging as marketers sought new ways to entice customers with more immersive experiences,” says the author Elaine Watson.

Fast forward to today and expectations have been tempered somewhat, although she points out that the Pokemon Go experience shows that AR has the potential to be ‘pretty disruptive!’ And yet AIPIA agrees with leading AR developer Zappar that the food sector is ‘barely scratching the surface’ when it comes to unlocking the full potential of AR.

The key to success, says Zappar marketing director Max Dawes, is to find creative ways to integrate it into a broader brand strategy across multiple platforms and locations, rather than slapping another logo on an already crowded food label.

Packaging is this enormous untapped resource for brands to harness and put interesting content and messages on, he says.

CONGRESS TOPIC: We know Zappar has plans to unlock that potential and feel sure they will be sharing it with AIPIA Congress delegates. Martin Stahel, sales director at Zappar will demonstrate how brands are already using Augmented Reality to make their packaging interactive. His company  creates incredible AR experiences across various industries including retail, quick serve restaurants, consumer products, sports and events for major brands like Wendy’s, Coca Cola, ASDA Walmart, Warner Bros, Hasbro, Rovio, Manchester City and One Direction.

Some people are calling it Brain Training. So you’d better come for your lesson!