Securikett ‘masterminds’ the fight for tamper evidence with new security label

According to long time AIPIA member Securikett counterfeiters are finding ever more creative ways to remove security labels undetected and attach them to their counterfeit goods. This requires an equally high level of creativity from the company’s research and development department to keep one step ahead of counterfeiters with its solutions. Its latest creation is the ‘Mastermind’ security label, which offers maximum security against a wide range of counterfeiting methods.

This new security label combines a large number of tamper-evident features in a single label. The so-called VOID effect provides irreversible proof of opening, immediately indicating whether the product is still in its original condition. The label also features an impressive security hologram. But the Mastermind can do much more says the company. It not only indicates unauthorized opening, but also immediately reveals any attempts to tamper with heat, cold, or liquids.

In the event of tampering with heat, the label turns orange (sun symbol); in the event of cold it turns blue (snowflake); and in the event of liquid, blue exclamation points appear on the label.

Also the company has expanded its range of paper security labels for tamper-proof sealing of cardboard packaging to incorporate the Mastermind label functionality. It has launched a new eco-security seal to improve the sustainability of the packaging. The multifunctional paper security label offers comprehensive protection against a wide range of tampering methods and at the same time makes an environmentally friendly contribution to the circular economy, it claims. 

"The latest member of our IT'S PAPER family has a striking hologram for authentication and a pronounced opening effect. Temperature indicators and the integrated WashVOID feature give this label an extra level of security," says Vanessa Mitterer, Msc, head of research and development at Securikett.

As with other Mastermind versions, if an attempt is made to remove the label from the packaging using liquid, the Wash VOID function is triggered and the text "TAMPERED" is displayed. If an attempt is made to remove the label using heat, the label will turn partially orange. If too much cold is applied, the cold colour reacts and parts of the label turn blue.

"Our security labels can be customized in terms of size, shape, colour and design of the opening effect. This means that not only characters and texts, but also company logos can be integrated into the effect. The label also offers the option of customizing heat and cold indications as desired," says Ms. Vanessa Mitterer.

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