RFID enabled identifiers can be embedded into regular paper stock

Collimetrix Paper Embedded Identifiers offer brand protection and monitoring of product flows, making them an excellent choice for packaging and labelling companies in the FMCG industry, says the company.

These ‘cutting-edge technological solutions’ have been developed by the company’s incubated innovator ME3W. They offer RFID enabled identifiers for paper-based and/or plastic-based products. A unique production method allows for the manufacturing of ultra-lightweight (20gsm) paper and ultra-thin (sub -20 micron) film-based RFID tags that can be integrated into regular paper stock items, such as security seals, certificates, stamps, labels, or packaging materials.

The company says the Identifiers offer excellent brand protection and monitoring of product flows. By ensuring authenticity and providing real-time tracking, companies can prevent counterfeiting and optimize logistics, ultimately leading to increased consumer trust and brand loyalty, it claims. Additionally, the solution promotes sustainability by supporting the ‘cradle to cradle’ lifecycle (Extended Producer Responsibility), aligning with the demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions.

This solution guarantees the authenticity of the item by enabling a seamless and interactive ‘handshake’ between the physical and digital world (database or blockchain driven), with the ability to exchange restricted data based on certain events in a product’s lifecycle, according to Collimetrix. 

The technology is based on HF (NFC) and/or UHF RFID communication, where the antenna is fully integrated into the base material, This can be converted into various forms such as a document, shipping label, product packaging, or label.

The paper embedded electronics are designed for maximum efficiency, functionality, and sustainability, providing customers with a competitive advantage and a positive impact on the environment, it believes.

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