Veevee Paper Products Ltd

Veevee Paper Products Ltd

Veepee Group is the largest Flexible Packaging and Corrugated Carton manufacturer in Africa with facilities based at Sango Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. Our history dawned in 1975. Veepee Group has set up state of the art facilities and have regularly invested and upgraded its facilities to meet the growing market demand.

Our packaging manufacturing units cater to the market requirements with state of the art Rotogravure Printing Machines, Flexographic Machine, Solventless and Solvent based Two Ply and Three Ply Lamination Machines, High Capacity Three Layered, Five Layered, and Seven Layered Extrusion Blown Lines, Tandem Extrusion Coating Line (first time in Africa) for producing various types of Extrusion based Laminates and Lamitube, various kinds of preformed Pouch making facilities and Corrugated Cartons, Paper Cores.

Veepee Group has grown by gaining the confidence of its customers’ by way of providing various solutions and options by using its state of the art Laboratory and R&D facilities and continuously innovating and supporting the ever growing demands of flexible packaging. The strength of Veepee Group has been to adequately stock the required raw material for ensuring timely supplies and consistent quality.

 We introduce ourselves to be partners in progress, offering tailor made solutions to our customers by ensuring our best of services at all times.

Veepee Group is known for upgrading its technologies in this competitive environment. The latest upgradation has been in view of the continuous improvement and recyclable solutions.

They are:Five-layer POD blown line
Seven-layer barrier blown line
Narrow web press for self-adhesive labels and Lamitube printing
Digital plate manufacturing
Modernizing of recycling solutions

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