NEWS: Instant Coffee…but not as we Know It!


Dutch product designer Vincent Gielen has created an on-the-go beverage heater that works with the push of a button. The Press self-heating cup works by the activation of calcium oxide thermodynamic core. By pressing the button, a small hole in activator and water within the activator mixes with the calcium oxide, producing heat in the process.

The reaction heats the surrounding water and the selected ingredients like coffee or tea. The user shakes the cup and a hot beverage will be ready after three minutes. The cup has also been designed to house pre-packaged ingredients. Pressing the button on the lid will drop the ingredients into the water below to heat up. A variety of ingredients such as coffee, tea, hot cocoa, soup and also baby formula can be added.

Gielen, who is using Kickstarter to raise funds for mould production and certification fees, says it could be sold in vending machines, convenience stores, sporting events, outdoor shops, supermarkets and even colleges. The possibilities with PRESS are limitless, he claims, as it removes the need to go to the kitchen or coffee shop to enjoy a hot beverage.

The PRESS heating element has several safety features to prevent pressure buildup and to ensure separation of heating products and contents."Its innovative design is thermodynamically superior to any of the self-heating products currently on the market, and therefore has an optimal yield versus packaging ratio," he adds.