We are brand protection and customer engagement experts. We help customers address highly sophisticated counterfeiting and diversion challenges, achieve new levels of engagement to extend customer relationships, and gain high-definition business intelligence throughout the supply chain, to online and in-store purchases.

Counterfeiting and diversion pose a mounting threat to businesses worldwide. VerifyMe combines overt and covert solutions with cloud-based authentication software and mobile web experiences to help brand owners connect with consumers at point of sale, point of use, and beyond.

VerifyMe Authenticate™ combines overt and covert technology to limit/thwart the most sophisticated counterfeiting techniques.

We help brand owners connect with consumers, turn authentication into brand building, and gain valuable business intelligence.

Track & Trace
We deliver visibility of events across the supply chain by deploying non-invasive methods to integrate, collect and store data providing valuable information to brands and customers.

Online Brand Protection
We monitor thousands of trading platforms around the world to keep your brand safe from illicit activity and deliver actionable intelligence.

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