Airnov Healthcare Packaging

Airnov Healthcare Packaging

To maintain potency, stability, and shelf life, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products often require highly protective and active packaging. Airnov provides critical industries with high-quality, controlled atmosphere packaging, so that critical healthcare industries can protect their products from moisture and oxygen. Excellence, quality, and safety in our manufacturing processes are a cornerstone of this engagement.

Our standard or customized solutions protect:

Pharmaceuticals (Ethical & OTC)
Nutraceuticals and health supplements
Diagnostics and medical devices
Airnov Healthcare Packaging is specialized in moisture, oxygen and odor control technologies, as well as in primary plastic packaging.  Products are available in myriad sorption options to address various applications and in a wide range of configurations:

Dropped-In: canisters, capsules, packets, bags and desiccant tablets
Integrated: desiccant stoppers and closures, plastic tubes, and desiccant washers
Embedded: Advanced Desiccant Polymer (ADP®), diagnostic vials, and Oxy-Guard® Barrier Bottles.
Our plants are ISO 15378 certified and we offer customer-focused services and technical support, a global operational footprint, and innovation and development capabilities.

Our values
To deliver on this vision, we rely on our employees’ common mindset and unique attitude. Every day, their behaviour and the outcome of their work are driven by four values: agility, experience, performance and respect.

By protecting drugs, we protect people and give priority to a virtuous approach for our whole relational ecosystem: final users, our customers and our collaborators.

Flexible and responsive, we are committed to anticipate needs, initiate new ways of collaborating and identify sustainable opportunities that help our partners continue to grow.

Our track-record of 65-plus years of expertise in highly-regulated healthcare industries enables us to provide safe and tailored active solutions meeting our customers’ expectations and going beyond.

Local service excellence and global business continuity are at the heart of our operations: we team up with our customers to optimize their supply chains capacities and improve their product supply contingencies wherever they are.

Our project management processes are people-centered and revolve around trust, transparency and care all along the value chain, with the ambition of improving the quality of life of everyone.

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