NEWS: Hot New Can for Cool Beer!


Carrying on the tradition of introducing exciting pack developments using Active & Intelligent Packaging – particularly thermochromic inks -  Coors Light has introduced the ‘world’s first’ beer cans with sun activated ink technology – currently only available to the Canadian market.

The Coors Light Summer Certified cans have six limited edition designs painted in photochromic ink that are nearly invisible until the cans are exposed to UV rays. The moment the cans are brought into sunlight, the vibrant colours of the designs are instantaneously revealed, says the company. It says the use of this packaging innovation is a world first in the beverage industry.

The bright UV activated colours do not indicate that the beer is getting warm. In fact, the cans still carry the thermochromic ink Coors Light pioneered to turn its mountain iconography blue indicating that the beer is “Cold Certified” and ready to drink.

The new cans use both ink technologies harmoniously to indicate that the beer is both cold and summer certified. The Summer Certified cans are designed to encourage all Canadians to get outside and come to life in the summer sun, just like the can will, says the brewer.

“Our market research has shown that one of the top drivers of consumer purchase intent is ‘packaging that stands out,’ explained Garrick Frittelli, assistant marketing manager for Coors Light. “These inks will bring the can to life like never before. The colder the beer, the brighter the colors – both cold certified and summer certified.”

“The six unique cans are based on variations of geometric designs inspired by Coors Light’s iconic mountain shape and updated visual identity. They will use a range of yellow, orange and purple inks as well as a bolder, cold certified blue,” said Ron Skotleski, director of marketing, North America, CROWN Beverage Packaging. “Crown continues to provide real, market-driven value by thinking and innovating beyond the traditional aluminum beverage can. Our graphics team and plants, worked closely with CTI and Molson Coors, to pull this all together in a very short time.”

“To enjoy the best of summer, you simply have to get outside in the sunshine with your friends and family, and these cans will come alive with you during your favorite summer moments,” said Chris Waldock, senior director of marketing, Molson Coors Canada. “We have a long history of innovative packaging that sets us apart; these new Coors Light Summer Certified cans are taking it to a new level of cool and we hope Canadians will get outside this summer and enjoy them!”

Four times the amount of beer is consumed outdoors in the summer months compared to other seasons and Coors Light is optimistic that the bold and interactive new packaging will help drive growth in its share of cans and overall sales this summer.

The beer is available in 355 mL and 473 mL, all summer long….