Teinnivations LLC

Teinnivations LLC

In short, Teinnovations is a best-in-class packaging solution provider.  Many people talk about being customer centric, but in practice, customers often feel their needs are overlooked.  To truly put the customer first means our first task is to be a good listener.  We listen to our customer’s needs, concerns, and dreams.

Once we fully understand what needs to be solved, we go to work and develop solutions.

We want to be so much more than simply a supplier.  We want to be a strategic partner that adds real value outside of the products we supply.

Our team has decades of experience in engineering, marketing, finances, and manufacturing.  We work hard so our customers can have access to the cutting edge of technology.

Our customers include companies of all sizes including start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies.  We look forward to helping add real value to your project and solving your most troublesome problems!

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