Apio Inc.

Apio Inc.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging. largest fresh-cut produce company in north america.

Eat Smart delivers crisp, flavor-packed vegetables using the most advanced technology in the industry. Our exclusive BreatheWay packaging helps produce breathe naturally and stay fresh longer.

How It Works

While bulk vegetables in the produce section may look fresh, open displays mean moisture loss. By controlling oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, BreatheWay technology helps produce retain its freshness.

BreatheWay is one of a few commercial solutions to incorporate a designed selectivity ratio, allowing CO2 to permeate the bag nearly four times faster than oxygen. Using a patented polymer process originally developed by Landec, we created a membrane that lets the right amount of oxygen in and CO2 out so that fresh produce can breathe, but at a slower rate to extend freshness. Letting fresh fruits and vegetables breathe slowly helps maintain flavor and texture, keeping them as bright, crisp and fresh as possible.

Preserving Freshness At Home

BreatheWay bags work well on a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can keep your produce fresh longer with BreatheWay zip closure bags, available online at clearlyfreshbags.com.

Clearly Fresh bags come in packs of 10 and can easily contain an entire bunch of bananas or head of lettuce. Simply place fresh, dry, uncooked fruit or vegetables into the bag, gently push out the air and zip the bag closed. Store your produce as usual.

Visit clearlyfreshbags.com to order or for more information; you’ll also find a helpful guide with tips for storing fresh produce at home.

Fresh Produce Partners

Look for the BreatheWay logo on other fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the grocery store! BreatheWay bags help keep everything from cucumbers and peppers to bananas, berries and avocados fresh and delicious.

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